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How I Use Stock Images To Elevate My Brand

How I use Stock Images To Elevate My Brand

Have you ever wondered how to elevate your products without having to worry about  buying expensive lighting equipments or camera? I've been there ( not the buying expensive cameras or lighting equipments part ) .

Years ago when I was just starting out, I bought an inexpensive camera thinking it would have achieved a far better quality than the phone that I had, but unfortunately, it was not the case as it was just as grainy as the phone.

That is where stock photos come into play ( It's an absolute game-changer!) Stock photos are images that have been photographed and edited for easy use! I have been using various stock photos/mockups from various sources, but I have been using Styled Stock House ( formerly Kate Max Stock)  for over 5+ years now. They offer modern, fresh and feminine flat lays, office, and outdoor images.  I've been using their stationery mockups to showcase products such as cards, place cards, invitations or art prints.  

As I mentioned, KateMax is now Stock House. With their rebranding, they are doing a promo right now on new memberships saving 25% quarterly and annually with code  'yayrebrand' before July 1st, 2021!

So, if you are just starting our, or you have been in the creative business for a while and you are looking for ways you can save time ( and money) I  highly recommend investing in stock photos. When you have the right images, it helps create the right brand aesthetics




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